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Welcome to the NEW San Juan High School class of 1973 web-blog!

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Alumni news, reunion information and more!

The Way We Were...

The '70's Music, Movies, Television Shows and Trivia ~ Blasts from the Past and more!

Pop Life of the 70's!

Popular Culture Trends of 1973! - Please send me your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages to post onto this website!

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I'm Rick Engvall and I developed this website. Our 40th REUNION will be October 25th, 2013 ~ Let's start the conversation to make this a memorable event!!

From The Blog

Plan on coming together in 2013 to meet friends from long ago. If you're reading this you're obviously interested in your fellow alumni so plan on getting involved, tell others, help organize the fun! And if you feeling like you shouldn't attend for some reason ... get over it! people are curious to know how you've been doing over the years... let the love in.